About us

Hi, I’m Julia, owner of www.mystolenhome.com, an Industrial Engineer and professional blogger.

Our dedicated team is comprised of Engineers, DIY enthusiasts, and researchers.

Our team has completed thousands of DIY projects in different domains, including interior and exterior design, home repair, and maintenance.

My Stolen Home connects you with fields such as DIY, home improvement, and repairing your home vehicle and appliances.

If you are passionate about doing everything with your hand, this blog is for you. We share creative ideas, tips, and guides to improve your handyman skills.

We are committed to delivering well-researched content to help save your time and share ideas through our experience and research in your DIY projects. We test and verify each piece of information before passing it to you.

We aim to update you with the most cost-effective ways to ease your life with inspirative ideas, how-to guides, and tools reviews.

How Our Team Works

We are finding public queries through social media.

Deep research

Test and verify each piece of information.

We aim to provide free-of-cost information to anyone who seeks guidance in DIY, electronics, and home improvement.

For this, we write well-researched articles and how-to guides to keep you updated with the industry.

What we discuss

  • Electronics

Most of our Published content is about electronics, tools selection and usage, how-to guides, and repairing and maintaining tips about automobiles and electronic appliances.

  • Home Improvement

We love to talk about thoughtful ideas to improve your home in design, repairing, and maintenance with cost-effective and creative ideas.

  • DIY

Our main goal is to facilitate and enhance your devotion to DIY, as it’s our favorite domain to work in. DIY includes woodworking, welding, gardening, and much more.

  • Tools Guide

We help you select the most reliable tools and products that are durable and cost-effective on your budget to complete your task.

You can gain and share your inspiring ideas as a beginner or a professional. We started this blog to expand our exposure and share our experience with handyman tasks.

We publish 2-3 well-researched and verified articles daily, intended to provide valuable stuff to readers.

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