How many amps is my breaker box

How many amps is my breaker box. The breaker and the circuit breaker are used to make the disconnection of the power that is coming from the electrical supply. The entire amp of the panel is imprinted on the circuit breaker or in a place closer to the main circuit breaker; it helps control the circuit in the panel.

Many circuit breaker has a current of 100A, 150 amp. some circuit breakers have the amperage of the  200 amp. You can also add the amperage of the separate breakers inside the box. The total calculated may be twice than total amperage of the box.

If you want to measure the amperage, you can use this equation for Amp=watt/Volt. You can calculate the total amperage of all of the devices. You should ensure that the breaker’s total amperage is not exceeding more than 80%.

How Many Amps is My Breaker box

The 100 amp is the minimum amperage of the panel needed by the National Electrical code, but the use of the 150 amp is also increasing. The suitable amperage for your home is 100 amp to 150 amp. The electrical panel of the 200 and 400 amp is also available.

The 200 amp is capable of handling the 160 amp at once. Many people have the 300 or 400 amp breaker inside the 200A panel, so it can’t use all of the circuits at the moment.

When you want to calculate how many circuit breakers you require also relies on the electrical load.

The panel with the 200 amp will give a larger electrical current compared to the 100 amp panel. It helps permit your house to safely power the significant electrical devices and devices related to heating, the air conditioning system appliance, and much other equipment.

The 200amp is the current standard for newly built homes and the updated service panel. It provides all the standard electrical requirements required in the home but can’t handle the more extensive electric heating system.

The one that manifests the overloaded electrical circuit indicates that the breaker is tripping and turning off all of the power. It also has some other symptoms that are not obvious, like dim lights, buzzing outlets, and switches.

You can place the maximum 30 to 42 breaker on the 100 amp, but it relies on the design of the panel.

What is Amp?

As the amp is the short name of the ampere. Ampere calculates the amount of the electrical charge moving across the point in a moment. The number of the amps tells the amount of the current being drawn through the power wires.

Inspection of the Breaker Panel

The circuit breaker is one of the most important components used for the safety of your house. It keeps the electrical wiring system safe from overheating. If you are getting the most electrical tripping and the other problems like the short etc.,

Some reasons for tripping the breaker are given here:

  •         Overloading too many appliances on the circuit is getting too much amperage.
  •         Loose connection
  •         Short occurs in the electrical wiring
  •         A circuit breaker is older, damaged, or faulty

it would help if you had to troubleshoot it. You can troubleshoot the tripped breaker. It relies on the problem, issues that can be handled at the house, while some of the problems related to breaker or electrical panels require the electrician.

You must have a little information regarding the circuit breaker to troubleshoot it.

Steps for Knowing How Many Amps is My Breaker box

Step 1

First of you should search for the breaker. Then it would help if you placed it on either the top or the bottom of the column of the branch circuit breaker. It contains a pair of attached switches called the double pole breaker.

Step 2

Then the next step is the addition of the number that is placed on its switches. The sum is the capacity of the total amperage.

Step 3

After this, you should not jot down the numbers printed on the circuit breaker. For instance, if the first breaker has 15A, the second is 15A, the third one is 20A, and the fourth is40A. So you can write it as 15, 15, 20 and 40.

Step 4

Then sum up the total amperage of all the circuit breakers. This addition shows the high range of the current that the panel withdraws from the main line. So the number is 24% higher than the average amount of the current withdrawing from the panel.

Step 5

So after calculating the sum in step 4, you should multiply it by 0.8 to find the actual amps available in the circuit breaker.


The current of the breaker is indexed on the breaker switch. In most cases, the breaker is on the top of the panel, so it is top fed, while in some other panels, the breaker is in the middle, so it is middle-fed, and in some panels, the breaker is located at the bottom position known as the bottom-fed.

When your breaker is the bottom fed, you require an upgrade to the panel box; when your breaker box is center fed, you require an upgrade to the solar.

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