How much does an ac compressor cost for a car

How much does an ac compressor cost for a car. When you buy a used or remanufactured AC compressor, you could spend more money on it. There are the chances of giving more for an AC compressor.

The average cost of it ranges from $842 a compressor to $1146 for any car AC compressor. It is the most essential part of an air conditioning system.

This feature makes our drive comfortable and relaxed. An AC compressor is known as an AC pump. When we are traveling, it plays an important part in making us happy. It can be hazardous when you drive in triple-digit heat and have no ac pump.

How much does ac compressor cost for a car 

The whole conditioning system can fail to work correctly due to ac compressor failure. In older vehicles, compressor clutch failure is widespread. The ac compressor tends to fall after covering 60000 and 70000 miles, or it can cover more miles, depending on operating conditions and demand.

  • The labor cost for an Ac compressor is estimated to be between $228 and $289.
  • The money needs to replace an AC compressor is about $500 and$700. Among many other variables, the cost of ac compressor varies from car to car.

Factors that can Affect AC compressor Cost

Various elements help us to decide whether we should replace an AC compressor or a complete AC compressor.

  • Compressor type

There is a wide variety of models in compressors:

     1. Single-stage style

Single-stage is less costly but not much efficient.

      2. Two-stage style

Two stages are more efficient in work, but it is more costly.

      3. variable stage style

Variable stage style is most costly to repair, but it is efficient.

Providing budget

Many brands are available that provide us with many opportunities of budget. The central AC unit mainly works best with a compressor having the same brand.

  • Warranty coverage

A compressor is an important role of an AC unit. With the help of an assurance plan, we can manage more of the cost required for fixing our AC compressor.

If the compressor is not under warranty, replacing the entire AC unit may be easier and cheaper.

  • Size

The larger unit is more costly to buy or replace. So, we should consider this when purchasing an AC compressor.


Prices mainly increase during the summer and spring. The best time is the peak-Off months. Nobody can predict when an AC compressor will begin not to work correctly.

How much Long an ac Compressor

  • AC compressor of a car can generally last a lifetime or about 12  to 15 years. That one relies on the position  of  the car. It is essential to check your car regularly and service it to prevent permanent premature failure.
  • It relies on the position of your AC compressor.
  • We can keep the ac in a great position and prolong the AC compressor’s lifespan.

The problem with an AC Compressor In the Car

The common cause of the problem in AC compressors is overheating. You might be able to troubleshoot the problem efficiently and quickly when you identify the symptoms of a bad AC compressor used in the car.

So, after knowing the symptoms of AC failure, you can save the money you have to spend on buying the new one.

  1.   Hot air
  2.   Fluid Leak
  3.   Stuck Clutch
  4.   Poor overflow

The weak overflow from blowers or less cooling is the most apparent cause for overheating in an AC compressor.

1. Loud noising when AC is on

One of the most potential symptoms of a failing AC is that it makes noise when AC is on.

2.  Infaming Smell

When you switch on the TV, there can be the possibility of inflaming smell. The symptom is that AC is not in condition and not working correctly.


An AC compressor needs to be adequately maintained. If it is not checked daily and not maintained properly, there can be many issues in the car’s AC compressor. The outcome of it is, that we have to change your can’s AC compressor, which is costly.How much does an ac compressor cost for a car

Its cost ranges from approximately $800 to $1200; it depends upon the type of AC compressor as there is such a wide variety of AC compressors and cars in which AC compressors are used.

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