How to change a fuse box to a Breaker box

How to change a fuse box to a Breaker box. First, you must remove all of the fuses available in your fuse box. Then you detach all of the wires and then the main panel box. After this, deploy the board of the circuit breaker panel. After this, deploy the cables and the circuit breaker.

The cost for replacing the fuse box is $ 500 and $4500. Replacing the fuse box is an effortful job. It is because there is no method of turning off the current receiving into the fuse box—you can only ask the utility association for a drawing of the meter.

How to change a fuse box to a Breaker box

Changing the fuse box to the breaker box takes almost 6 hours. When you do not have enough knowledge to replace the fuse box with the breaker box, there is a need for an electrician to perform this task.

The inequality between the breaker box and the fuse box is that the fuse box melts the wires and the breaker box disconnects the cables.

Mainly the home contains the breakers of 100 amp or 200 amp. It relies on the electricity the panel can manage and the circuits present in the main electrical panel. The breaker box is a new technology that helps in providing more flexibility and reliability. In an electrical sense, it gives more safety to wiring.

Determining the need for the breaker box

If you have the other house, you probably may have the fuse. The fuses are still functional, but there are some debits off the fuses. In the case of frequent blowing of the fuse and the circuit tripping, you should upgrade it to the breaker box.

The cost of changing the fuse box within the breaker box depends upon the size and the available circuit.     You may require the$800 to $2000 for the labor.

Tools require

  •         The rubber gloves you require for the safety
  •         The screwdriver
  •         A wirecutter is required to cut the wires
  •         The electrical wire uses For protection from the electrical wire
  •         The replacement of the circuit breaker, which contains the same dimension as the new fuse box.
  •         The new breakers that require for the primary and the sub-circuit

You can select the circuit breaker according to your usage. I recommend you for using the circuit breaker of the same amp rating when you are going to disconnect the old fuse box.

Steps for Fuse box conversion to breaker box

Step 1

The first step is to clear away all of the fuses that are available in your fuse box. Then make sure that no appliance or device is connected to your outlet. There is the possibility of damaging some devices in the case of the sudden cut off the electricity.

Then wear your rubber gloves and put away the fuse panel cover; then, you should switch off the main fuse. After this, you should remove all the fuses and the main fuse.

Step 2

you require to detach all of the wires. It will be beneficial if you remove all of the cables of each sub-fuse. You can also cut the wire connected to the box. When removing all of the cables from your sub-circuit, you should disconnect the primary hot wire. After losing the hot wire, you should cover it with electrical tape for security objectives.

You should repeat this process on all the wires and then on the neutral wire. The live wires can be most dangerous, so make sure you put on thick rubber gloves on your hand; you must take care of yourself while working with them.

Step 3

You should remove the box of the main panel. It would help if you connected the main panel board from the fuse box. It would help if you cleaned the wires of the main panel. After this, you should use the screwdriver to loosen the screws for pulling out the panel box from the wall.


In this step, you have to install the box and the board of the circuit panel breaker. Then you should arise the breaker box onto the wall employing the obtainable screws. If the old holes are not aligned with them, you should mark the new holes and drill them.

Step 5

You should install all the wires and reattach the cable clamps. After this, connect the grounded conductor to the ground. Then make the connection among both hot wires, first, you should join the wire to the terminal and make sure that the perk of the cable is open for making the appropriate connection.

Step 6

In this step, you must install and test the sub breaker. When you have installed the sub breaker that requires and make the connection among hot wires with the circuit breaker terminal. After this, you should turn off all circuit breakers but turn on the main breaker. You can also test the sub-breaker by turning it on the one at the moment.


Nowadays, the fuse box is considered to be an outdated electrical component. That’s why most people are replacing their fuse boxes with breaker boxes.

The breaker box is more costly than the fuse box, but it provides modern protection to your home. It is very good because it has a reset feature. It can also detect the faulty arc. It helps in managing the multiple surges.

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