How to change battery in nest thermostat

How to change battery in nest thermostat. It would be best if you pulled off the batteries from the base. Then remove the old batteries from the base of the thermostat display. Then identify and install the two new alkaline batteries into it. The insert backs the thermostat until it gets its place.

The nest thermostat that uses two batteries requires the new one when the battery is getting low mostly. When the battery is getting low, the nest thermostat gives a notification for that to you by using the home app.

You can also check the power level of the nest thermostat with the help of a home app. the battery is not discharging quickly. It can probably be draining out. You should give rest to your nest thermostat to take power. The nest thermostat takes power from the HVAC system.

The batteries of the Nest thermostat last for at least 3 to 4 years. The Nest thermostat’s charging takes almost 30 minutes. However, when the battery is entirely drained, it takes them two hours to recharge. The nest thermostat charges the batteries by using the cables of the heating and cooling system.

How to Change Battery in Nest Thermostat

The nest thermostat is used for the comfort of the home. Some reliable thermostats can last for almost ten years. It also contains two backup batteries lasting approximately 1 to 2 years. But it can reduce the battery life because of the various issues with the Nest thermostat.

When the battery is not responding to anything, you should shut off the breaker and pull off the breaker. Clean it with a soft brush because the inside could be filthy. Then there can be issues like loose wiring, and tighten them with the help of screws. You should press the ring and restart the resetting button.

The system starts when the nest logo appears. When the green light blinks on the Nest thermostat’s top, the software updates or restarts. It mostly appears for minutes. The nest thermostat is damaged when the batteries are bad, or the wifi is disconnected.

Useful Life of the Nest Thermostat

The nest thermostat is safe, reliable, efficient, and easy to use. The nest thermostat requires 24V, and this voltage is enough for the heating and cooling system. There are also some warranties for covering the device, which rely on the model. Like the other, the nest thermostat never remains forever.

The life of the nest thermostat never remains forever. The life of the nest thermostat depends upon the battery’s effectiveness. If the problem with the battery is not resolved after repairing, it will cause the battery life of the thermostat to be short.

The Root Causes of Nest Thermostat Damage

  •  The batteries that are broken down
  •  Disconnection from the wifi
  •  The sensor which is not functioning
  •  Overheating
  •  The devices which are not responding

The Battery Life of the Nest Thermostat

The nest thermostat is getting power from the HVAC system. The lithium-ion batteries can last for two years and contain 500 to 500 charges. It surely means that the life of the nest thermostat depends upon the life of the batteries.

Changing the thermostat batteries

When the device is not working properly, you should replace it to avoid serious damage. You should check the low battery message when it appears, so that is the time to replace the thermostat’s battery. It would be best if you chose the more reliable model of the nest thermostat because it ensures the comfort of your home.


  • It is a modern design and very versatile
  • It consists of the temperature sensor
  • It provides control and easiness
  • It decreases the cost spend on the energy
  • It provides ambient light, which helps control its brightness in the darkroom.
  • The smartphone provides the most convenient method


  • It requires the c wire for the supply
  • The thermostat is mostly expensive
  • The setting up of the device
  • There is no available external sensor

Final thoughts

A tool for managing indoor temperature is the Nest thermostat. Some of the models of the nest thermostat are not rechargeable. The device relies on the health of the battery. It would help if you used the nest thermostat properly to increase its life. When the batteries are failing, you should replace their batteries. The prices of the thermostat rely on the model. It offers a wast range of advantages.

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