How to change water heater thermostat

How to change water heater thermostat. Learning about replacing the water heater thermostat is straightforward. First, turn off the breaker’s power and then let it drain the tank of water if you want to replace it heater safe.

If you want to know whether the water heater is broken or not, check if they turn on the water tap, and then the cold waters come out, which means that the upper side of the thermostat is faulty.

All water heaters are not universal. There is some difference between the single element thermostat and dual element thermostat. And the upper-level thermostat and lower-level thermostat are also different from each other.

How to change water heater thermostat 

The cost of replacing the water heater thermostat is 150$, chiefly 200$. Sometimes the water heater fails to produce hot water. The hotness is usually due to the failure of the top thermostat. the water becomes lukewarm or burning when the lower thermostat is damaged. The thermostat’s upper portion warms up.

You can check your water heater thermostat by putting one lead on the common terminal and the second lead on the left side of the heating element when the water tank is under the thermostat’s temperature, so the multimeter shows the reading close to zero ohms.

You can test the water heater thermostat to see if it wants repairing or replaced, turn off the power, remove the thermostat cover, and put the wires from the terminal. Then turn it back on and then takes the other cables will be beneficial if you carefully read the product description. Replacement of the thermostat should be done concurrently, if necessary.

Most water heater thermostat life is between 8 to  10 years. And when the age of the water heater thermostat reaches ten years, it is suggested to replace the thermostat. You can change the thermostat by yourself, but it needs basic knowledge of the electrical equipment and follow the precautions.

When to Repair the Water Heater Thermostat

When the thermostat needs repairing, ensure the main power is turned off at the main breakers before you start working with the electricity. The damaged thermostat of the water heater can increase the electricity bill. It starts decreasing the life of the thermostat, and then you should check the symptoms of the failure of the thermostat.

  • The water is becoming Hot

The water heater has a temperature level. In case of malfunctioning can safely build up gases. When the valve is stuck open then, the water gets hotter. The electric current flows through two wires and completes the circuit of the heating system of the water heater thermostat.

When the thermostat does not recognize the heat, no electricity flows through it, and no heat is generated Because the electricity does not allow electricity to pass. When there is no heat, the thermostat takes more time to reheat.

  • Repairing the Water Heater

  1. Remove the thermostat cover.
  2. Unscrew the cables from the thermostat and not pull off the thin cable’s coating with the tweezer’s help.
  3. Please turn off the power from the breaker circuit. The electricity starts running through it when you start working on it.
  • Fixing the Water Heater Thermostat

  •   Check the upper and lower level thermostat
  •  Observe the power supply
  •  Press the button to reset the damaged thermostat
  •  When the thermostat’s upper system is not working, it is preferred to replace the thermostat
  •    Turn the Breaker Back On

When you have performed the work with the thermostat and are sure the thermostat is working, turn the power on. For recalibrating the thermostat, let the hot water flow through the tap.

  •    Not do these Things

Do not touch the wires when the power is on. Electricity can be harmful and can cause serious harm to you if you handle it carelessly.

Never mix the component of the water heater thermostat; it may cause damage to your unit and can harm you. When the thermostat is broken, you should not perform any work of replacing the thermostat yourself.


The water heater thermostat can replace within a few minutes if you know how to replace the thermostat. Please don’t choose the shortcuts because they can be dangerous for the electrical types of equipment. If the water heater leaks, it severely damages the unit and the floor.

When water leaks from the tank, you should replace it instead of repairing it because there is no option left for the failing tank. When the temperature is high then, the risk of burning water increases. Using the proper technique and tools, you should see that the water heating thermostat replacement is quick and easy.

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