How to find a short circuit with a multimeter

How to find a short circuit with a multimeter. Technicians bring the multimeters into their utilization to test the multiple electronic devices. Sometimes, the same devices might face lousy performance because of various reasons.

The devices might develop a short circuit inside the circuits already present in them. It has become inevitable to point out the damaged part present in either machinery or your circuit boards, which act as a carrier for the smooth flow of electricity.

How to find a short circuit with a multimeter

The article includes the necessary information to aid you in finding out the short circuits present either in your electronic appliances or in circuits containing electrical wires, which further takes the responsibility of electricity. Make sure that you read out the article carefully.

Precautionary measures before starting the procedure

  • Do not dare perform anything without the safety measures mentioned in the same section. Make sure that you have adopted every possible technique to make yourself safer throughout the execution of the process.
  • You need to be aware of the hazards you might face if you leave your device turned on before initializing the stated procedure. So, it becomes quite important to turn off the targeted appliance before you get to the procedure.
  • Do not risk any of your organs for carrying on the procedure of finding out the short circuits. Get your hands, face and whole body covered with gloves, mask and suitable clothes respectively.
  • Never try to get it done in your casual clothes. Ensure that you have not missed any single lines before moving forward.

Setting up the units for measured values

Experts mostly pay heed to a digital multimeter for performing such tasks by keeping the risk level as low as possible. You also have to do the same at every cost. After getting arranged the desired multimeter, the very first thing you will do with it involves the setting of the required units.

Make sure that the digital multimeter provides the readings either in Ohms or some other units relative to the resistance, or it can be continuity too. Sometimes, units also depend on the type and variant of the multimeter, so you have to ensure your expertise regarding the devices you will utilize during the operation.

Techniques to help you get the short circuit pointed out

After having arranged and set the required reading of the multimeter, you will move further towards finding out the short circuit. Ensure that you pay heed to every point stated below and do not rush through the section while reading it out.

  • Shifting the modes present on the upper surface of the multimeter becomes inevitable when it comes to testing the functioning of the multimeter.
  • Always start your procedure by getting the multimeter tested so that you are sure about its working capacity.
  • The digital multimeter contains two metallic plugs, which are also donated as probes. So you need not worry about connecting your device with the multimeter manually.
  • All you have to perform is moving the probes back and forth on the surface of the visible circuit present inside the appliance.
  • The probing will sense the flow of charges throughout the circuit. It will further send the display screen some signals to become able to note down the readings.
  • The readings will get displayed on the screen, and the point where the constant value of the reading fluctuates will be the infected portion of your device.

Perform the process patiently and recover after finding out the short circuit.

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