How to open two serial monitor arduino

How to open two serial monitors Arduino. To test the Arduino, attach it to the USB and consist of two of them that are operating at the same time among two. You can open the serrate instant for each, and it uses two of the serial monitor for sending and receiving.

Choose the board and upload the sketch on it. After the upload is complete, select the serial monitor button in the IDE’s upper right corner. And it will replace the console section after launching the serial controller on the IDE. Audino consists of multiple serial ports, and the USB also connects.

The Arduino can send the numeric data to the other. First of all, set your hardware setup. Then, set your screen up by setting up the master end to connect them. When your Arduino is not working correctly, verify its communication ports. You can switch the dock when you plug it into these ports.

How to Open Two Serial Monitors Arduino

To check it, re-upload it into the board before you open the serial monitor Arduino. The Arduino can transfer the commands or perform the sending operation through the USB connection. There is the “baud rate” of the connection, whose value is 9600. It means at the rate that data send faster.

The serial inputs are not much as complex as the serial outputs are. To send the character through the serial from the computer to the audio, open the serial monitor and type something on it. Press the send button or enter the key through your keyboard to send it.

The serial plotter is the versatile tool of the Arduino that tracks the different data that are transferring through your Arduino board. It is similar to the standard serial monitor tool that prints the information. Still, it gives better visibility and helo in understanding and helps in comparing the data.

The two Arduino boards can connect through the I/O communication port. But when you are connecting the two Arduino boards, you have to make the connection between their grounds.

Serial Monitor of the Arduino

  • A serial monitor is an essential tool when you are working with the Arduino.
  • It is also called the debugging tool used for testing and then for directly communicating with the Arduino board.
  • It is very beneficial when you are working on a communication project. The advantage of using the serial monitor with the Arduino is that multiple monitors can open. When you are working with multiple connections, you can open various series. It would be best if you were careful when working with the Arduino, which in the numerous references of the two are more serial monitors.
  • The debugging with the different ports display tat how to change the pins.

Usage of the Serial Monitors

  • The serial monitors are used to display it displays the input and the output of the Arduino.
  • To use the serial monitor, you first have to know that to open the serial monitor of the Arduino board.
  • To open it, you have to click on the blue glass icon on the top right side of the Arduino.

 Saving Data on the Serial Monitor of the Arduino

  • The SD card that is installed can be used to store Arduino data. You can write the sensor data on the series; monitor and also wite the small programs that read the data from the serial port and also write on it.
  • The Arduino consists of one serial port for communicating with other external devices or connecting with the computer using the USB cable.
  • You cannot clear the serial monitor from the Arduino, but on the way, I to close it and then open it again. This method will cause the Arduino to restart. And if you want to see the values that are printing, you can delay the void loop, which causes to slow down the printing process of the values.


The serial monitor is one of the display options given by Arduino. It is used for various purposes of debugging and testing and for interacting with the Arduino used for sending the command and displaying the input and output of the Arduino.

While programming the Arduino board, there is a need for the debugger, which detects the errors of the code, and for this purpose, the two serial monitors used in the Arduino help it run. That’s why serial monitors are of great importance in Arduino.

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