How to test a lawn mower battery without a multimeter

How to test a lawn mower battery without a multimeter. The simplest way to test the lawn mover battery is to turn on the headlight but not get started on your engine. Give it rest for at least 15 minutes, and then observe if there is no splitting from your engine. Because in many cases, the battery can die while we start it. The lawn mover batteries, struggling to be primarily alive, have to go through a more challenging time while getting started.

The electrical system that the rider use is 12V.the battery has 12V when it is in a good situation and fully charges. The lawn mower battery mainly contains this voltage of 12V to keep the user from electrical shocks safe. The lawn mover requires 8 hours to get charged, and after 8 hours, it gets a full charge.

If the battery is not getting full charge after 8 hours, your battery is dead, which means you should replace the battery. If the engine is not cracked but producing the clicking sound, it means the battery dies.

How to test a lawn mower battery without a multimeter

To test your lawn mover battery, you can use a multimeter device. It checks if the lawn mover battery is working well or not. The lawn mower requires a battery for starting it and giving power to its electrical power tools like headlights and others.

The lawn mover battery can last for three years, but your battery can be lost when you do not maintain it properly. If the lawn mower is not working well and facing difficulties, it is all because of a dead battery when not charged ultimately and shows an issue while starting it.

Make a connection of the multimeter with the battery. If the multimeter displays a voltage of 12V, cracks, or leaks, it is required to be replaced. The lawn mover battery displaying 12V or more is healthy. If the battery is working accurately for 3 to 5 years, it means it approaches a useful lifespan.

Testing  of  the  Lawn  Mower Battery

If you get a new battery for the lawn mower, but it is working correctly and not getting charged quickly, you can use the multimeter for testing the kawn mover battery by following these steps:

  • Overlooking the Battery

If you observe that the battery is blogging or it seems to be swelling, it contains built-in gas. The swollen battery is the indicator which is the symbol that shows the battery is no longer can be used, and it will cause severe damage and create permanent issues with the lawn mover engine.

So when you see the lawn battery swollen, avoid turning on your engine. or the other way is t remove the battery from the lawn mower

  • Damage Battery Terminal

When you observe that both the ends of a battery connected to the terminal of a battery are not in condition, so you have to replace your battery. The breakage of the terminal of the battery can cause severe corrosion because of the acid inside the battery. When the terminal post is damaged, it may lead to a short circuit.

So it is not suggested to repair the broken terminal of the battery; instead, you should replace the battery.

  •  Splitting the Battery Casing

To test the cracking or leakage, you must first remove the battery casing without removing the strap that s securing the battery. Use gloves when doing these steps because there are chances of acid on the surface of the battery. So, you might be closer to the battery and check the issues.

With the  Usage of the cloth to clear the dust from its surface. if you observe any damage or acid droplet on the battery, immediately replace your battery to prevent serious issues that can occur with your engine

  • Low Water Level

The flooded batteries are still used in many lawn mowers. It needs to properly maintain its water level by adding suitable distilled water to it according to the requirements. You should refill the battery with distilled water and let it charge for 8 hours.

  • Checking the Battery under Load

The best method for checking the battery is to check its health by observing if the battery can maintain the potential difference when the load is applied to it. It detects immediately when the headlights of the lawn mover are dim., so you can apply more current to get the engine started.


The better season for testing the battery is mowing season. It does not cause any issue relating to the lawn mower engine. The battery loses the capability of carrying charge when it is discharging swiftly and dying even when you are charging it from time to time.

You should observe the lawn mower’s battery which saves time and cost. It also avoids many problems that are related to the maintenance issue.

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