How to test coax cable without multimeter

How to test coax cable without multimeter. If you think that the function of the signal transmitter is not well, or if you are receiving frequent signal issues without valid reasons, you need to test your Coax cable. In search of accurate, fast, and feasible results for testing coax cables, try using a coax cable tester rather than a multimeter.

These testers provide authentic results by indicating that the coax cable receives proper signals from the wirings and outlets. The time required for the test is even less than 10 sec. In less time, you will be able to interpret the results.

How to test coax cable without multimeter

Here, we are providing some reliable ways to test coax cables.

Let’s move towards the process.

1. Manual Test

  1. This method involves moving a modem from place to place
  2. You can manually test the coax outlet’s signal by using Cable Modem.
  3. Take the cable modem from the cable outlet to another outlet.
  4. After that, plug it into each coax outlet.
  5. By doing so, it verifies the signal and connectivity.
  6. If your internet modem provides internet availability means the signals are detected. If the internet remains offline, there might be no signals detected.
  7. It may take a lot of time.
  8. To save your time, try using automatic coax testers.

2. DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester

Purchase a coax cable tester from online or nearby stores. This cable detects the signals coming from the cable internet provider. Other methods may detect hidden and unnecessary signals affecting the results. The coax tester is accurate in giving results for valid signals.


  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Instant result giver
  • Cost-effective
  1. Place the tester in the outlet.
  2. Push the button to start the test.
  3. The tester starts detecting the signals.
  4. If green light flashed in the tester, it means the coax cable is working perfectly.
  5.  The signals are coming from the internet providers.
  6. If the tester flashed a red light, it indicates no signals received from the service provider.
  7. In this way, you will be able to test the coax cable.
  8. Now you are sure enough to either connect the cable or not to your cable modem just by observing the green and red lights.
  9. You can use it in your homes, apartments to ensure internet signals availability.
  10. The best model coax tester available includes the DSS-01 tester.
  11. In case of cable troubleshooting, the DSS-01 can figure it out, so one can instantly solve the problems associated with the coax wiring and outlets. It avoids giving false results and errors like other testers.
  12. If the tester showed green light, and still the internet is offline, then the problem may lie in the modem.

It saves your money and time.

Coax Explorer® Tester

  1. This device tests and locates coaxial cables
  2. Simple single push button operation, just like DSS-01 tester
  3. The device provides interpretable results.
  4. The LED panel indicates PASS, OPEN and SHORT conditions.
  5. It simplifies the cable identification process.
  6. Color-coded push-on remote allows up to four cables at the same time. The tester uses 2 A batteries.
  7. Place the device in the outlet and push the button. The LED panel will detect signals if present.


If you don’t have a multimeter or in case you need authentic and reliable results, use the coax tester to test the coax cable. Sometimes if the cable gets cut or damaged by any means, it causes harm to the tester.

In case of any signal, issue test the coax cable to avoid further complications. The best model you can purchase is the DSS-01. In case neither the tester nor the multimeter is available. Try using the modem method by the manual method.

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