How to test water heater element without multimeter

How to Test Water Heater Element Without a Multimeter. Many things can cause problems with the working of the heater. The faulty element is the most common reason that causes damage to the heater. There are two methods for checking the water heater elements testing for the defective component and testing required for the short circuit.

The lack of hot water is because the power switch is on or not tripped before trying your element. The other cause can be an immediate increase in the thermostat. You can resolve this issue by resetting it. Press the rest button to get rid of this issue.

How to Test Water Heater Element Without a Multimeter 

If the characteristics of the water heater elements are in excellent shape, then there will probably be a problem with the switch or thermostat. You can replace both of these to resolve these problems.

The reset button for the water heater element is the safety part that disconnects the power to the heater when it exceeds a specific temperature. It emergency cut off the supply to the essence of a water heater. The upper and lower heating element is the same.

By following these procedures, you can troubleshoot the failures of the water heater elements.

  •  Turn off the power supplying to it
  •  Opening the metal cover to give access
  •  Working with insulation
  •  Replace the element if there are faults in it
  •  I am placing all the separate parts of the element in the right place.


  •  Gloves for hands
  •  Screwdriver
  •  Goggles for safety purposes
  •  Digital Multimeter
  •  Tester requires continuity
  •  Heating elements

The processes for testing the water heater element without a multimeter

Before testing the water heater element with a multimeter, check all the aspects of the water heater that if these elements are working correctly.

1.  Removing the covering plates

when the circuit breaks, turning off the power to access the element and the thermostat removes the cover plates from it.You should ensure that it receives no voltage when removing leaves through the water heater.

2.  Observation of the wire

Examine the cables that are leading toward the water heater

  • Putt off the insulator
  • Place the tester in it again

Symptoms of the bad heater element

When the testing of the elements of a water heater element requires, it shows the following signs:

  •  Lukewarm water
  •  The small quantity of the hot water
  •  There is no hot water
  •  The hot water runs out more quickly than usual

Reasons for failure

Many reasons cause the problem with the heater.

1. Assemblage of Minerals

The water heater elements are limited in their working due to the constant method for providing hot water. The part gets problems working when the minerals are depositing in the water. When these minerals get deposited in these elements, it causes the components to fail.

The best thing you do is turn off your water heater and flush it every year. by doing this. You can avoid the sediments and the life of these elements increases.

2. Confine Air Pockets

The heat produced through the element causes the copper to burn if it is not supplied to the water. There is a requirement for bleeding the line to avoid the tank’s trapped air packets and minerals. The burning effect causes the failure of the water heater.

3. Crashing Thermostat

The thermostat’s job is to tell the element of the thermostat about the different temperature levels required for heating the water. When the temperature exceeds the formal level, the thermistor detects it and causes the power to be shut off.

4. Power gauge

The voltage received through the power increases, it causes power gauge and lightning. Every element has its range of voltage. If the voltage provided exceeds the limit, it causes the part to burnt.

5. Wreckage of the heating elements

Inside an electric water tank, there can be a loss of much hot water because of the breakage of the heating element in the water heater. When these elements get burnt down, it causes the water to gets cool down after some time. Also, test your fuse box.

6. Not Good Wie linkage

Through heavy gauge cable, the water heater elements get heat. The details terminate their working if the gauge cable slips over its terminal, resulting in lousy linkage. You should pay attention to what can harm the water heater’s elements.


The water elements can run even if the lower part of the water heater stops working. But the problem with that, in this case, is that it does not perform more efficiently and does not produce as much water required for fulfilling your needs. You can change the elements of the water heating element without the drainage of the water.

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