How to use a 7 function digital multimeter

How to use a 7-function digital multimeter.  The seven functions multimeter provides us with various reliable calculations and checks for the range of electronics. A multimeter is a device used for calculating electrical properties.

Checking the battery with the help of a multimeter is a process of connecting the two probes of the multimeter with the terminal of the battery and reading the reading display on the multimeter; if the reading is more than 7V and 9V, so the battery is accurate for working.

This multimeter checks AC potential difference, DC voltage, DC, resistance, and battery checking. The features it is easy to read and automatic zero fixing. The multimeter measures the resistance by providing a little current passing through the circuit.

How to use a 7-function digital multimeter

With a 7-function multimeter, you can prevent false reading, faulty measurement, and many other issues. A digital multimeter is a device that gives electric values and shows them on an LCD and LED screen: 7-function multimeter tests and measures the current, voltage, resistance, and many others.

The current is in the form of electricity, and how much current is passing through is calculated through the multimeter. If your multimeter shows 0 ohms, it tells that there is accurate continuity present in the wire, battery, or any other device.

The three primary functions of the multimeter are

What is 7-Function Digital Meter

The 7-function digital meter is a flexible device that is made for techniques. It makes able you to carry out any task with this tool. It is possible for it to check for the AC, DC, DC voltage, transistor, and battery testing. The reliable part of it is that it is instinctive.

It is available at a low price and holds the capability to perform any task.

Reading of 7-Function Multimeter

With the help of a knob, you can set the configuration about what you want to measure current, voltage, and resistance. The 7-function multimeter also calculates the DC conductor, whose range is about ten ampers.

  1. Potential Difference

potential difference refers to how hard the electricity is to push into the circuit. If the voltage is higher, it is hard for the electricity to get pushed. It is measured in volts. And the symbol of the voltage is.

  1. Flow of Current

It relates to quantity. It means what amount of electricity is passing through it. When the current is higher, more electricity passes. It measures in ampers. Its symbol is A.

  1. Resistance

The resistance means the obstacle in the path of electricity flowing. When the resistance is higher, there are many problems with electricity. It causes difficulty for the current to flow.

Testing the Multimeter of a Car Battery with the Help of 7 -Function

  • Get start after turning the headlights of the car. Then allow it to be active for the moment. This method must follow for safety purposes.
  • Then turn on your multimeter and set it to 15 to 20 volts.
  • When connecting the battery with a multimeter, make sure that the lights are turned off.
  • Then connect the battery with a multimeter by connecting the probes of the multimeter with the battery terminal by connecting red with a red and black terminal with a black probe.
  • After completing these steps, the multimeter displays its reading, which is around 12V. If the reading is not 12V or near, your multimeter is faulty.
  • Then starts the car; if the reading on the 7- function multimeter is below10 volts, it has an issue.

Checking Continuity

  1.  Set the continuity on the multimeter and also configure your multimeter to prevent the false reading
  2.   It should display one value on the LCD screen of the multimeter.
  3.  Then start working with your circuit. But before that, make sure there is no connection between it and the power; if it contains the link with power, disconnect it immediately.
  4.  Then make the connection between the probes and the eds of a circuit.
  5.  Then notice the first reading on the screen of a multimeter. If it measures 0 or 1, it is a complete circuit.


This tool provides the compatibility that no other provides. There are some techniques available for using them in the right way. The usage of this meter makes them automatic.

The multimeter fuses protect any device when they receive a heavy amount of current, so they fuse to block the current flowing through it. The measurement also protects the multimeter from getting damaged. Therefore you should consider the fuse for your multimeter before starting testing it; this is most important because these make the tool capable of handling large and small currents.

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