How to use a cen tech digital Multimeter

How to use a cen tech digital multimeter. Although Cen-Tech makes a variety of digital multimeters, there are no specific instructions for each one. The others can be used if you know how to operate the affordable 98025 seven-function model.

The seven functions allude to this model’s capacity to test diodes, transistors, and batteries and measure AC and DC voltage, current, and resistance.

How to use a cen tech digital multimeter

Every electrician’s toolkit should include a digital multimeter. Among the best standard versions on the market is Cen-tech, but how can you monitor for voltage? An electrician can use a cen-tech digital multimeter to check the voltage in a circuit. Continue reading this blog post to learn how to use this device and what you should do when utilizing it.

Digital Cen-Tech Multimeter Features

Multimeters from Cen-Tech include a variety of characteristics that might be useful in a variety of situations. The digital display screen on a Cen-Tech meter is the most frequent feature, but additional benefits like durability and accuracy make it well worth your money.


The changeable battery of the Cen-Tech modern digital multimeter is primarily of the 9V version. This is because a digital tester requires power to function correctly, and without an LCD, it would be useless for most applications.

Many versions include backlit screens driven by your cells, while others have automated switching that allows you to save money on electricity while keeping the screen brightness at night or in places like classrooms.

Fuse Protection

More significant than just a voltmeter, amperemeter, and ohmmeter, the Cen-Tech digital multimeter does a lot more. It has a new layout that incorporates the most critical security features: It has a fuse to prevent overloading or short circuits. Damaged fuses can result in costly repairs, but not with this meter!

LCD Digital Screen

Are you seeking a low-cost, simple-to-use digital multimeter with a comprehensive feature set? The answer is technology! If you need to measure electrical values precisely, this is the tool for you.

This device’s illuminated LCD screen does readings in low-light environments more accessible than ever before — no more squinting and forcing your eyes to read those small numbers! It also has all of the other fantastic capabilities that most meters have, such as resistance measuring capability and auto power off after 20 minutes of inactivity to save battery life.

Ports for Banana Head Probes

A Cen-Tech multimeter is a multipurpose tool that can assist you in completing your task. If your job requires you to work with electronics and circuitry, this tool could benefit your efficiency. The ports make it easy to plug-in probes, and you’ll never be lacking one when you need to verify an electrical project or a circuit board component properly.


The auto-ranging feature of the Cen-Tech digital multimeter guarantees that the meters always pick the correct range for the readings under test. When detecting electrical value using a four-digit meter, it will automatically show remarkable digits of recorded voltage.

For example, suppose your meter reports 29V instead of 0.029V on an electrical measurement. In that case, it signifies that its characteristics have been adjusted to record all four digits following decimal points, rather than just two, as other meters in its class may do.

Using the Cen-tech Digital Multimeter

Examine your multimeter’s main selector wheel. This is where you’ll choose the functionality and sensitivities you’ll need for your tests. From top to bottom, you’ll find three jack inputs placed in a vertical line at the bottom right, each labeled 10ADC, VA, and COM-.

The meter comes with two leads that suit these jacks: one is black, and the other is red; place them in the input ports that correspond to them (bottom left). Other features on the side include an hFE Jack that connects directly to transistors, allowing them to be tested or turned off when not in use by pressing the “On/Off Button.”


The Cen-Tech digital multimeter makes measuring voltage a pleasure. To assist users in understanding what’s going on. When there’s no voltage on your screen, that implies all of those wires are clear and safe! When everything goes well, or not so well, the Cen-Tech Multimeter includes an outputting tone to let you know–at the very least.

We’ll let you understand if something goes wrong. The Cen-Tech digital multimeter makes measuring voltage a pleasure.

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