How to use a Multimeter to test a car battery

How to use a Multimeter to test a car battery. For testing the output, which is in electrical form from the car, it must be fixed on 20V by the battery. If the voltage is not 12V, then the battery is damaged. Then observe if the reading is more than 7V for the battery of 9V., so the battery is working appropriately. You can also set the DC position available on the multimeter.

Set the multimeter to the range it can measure, like if t 2v, set it for 2V potential difference. If any voltage appears under the 12V, it means to replace the battery. Passing current from one hand to the other during electrical shocks can be very dangerous. It means that both AC and DC voltages are harmful.

How to use a Multimeter to test a car Battery

The valuable thing about the new battery is that it can stay for 2 to 4 years. The total charge of the battery doesn’t cause it to die. It can be useful to rev the engine of your car.

When the dead car is running, you can disconnect the jumper wires and start disconnecting them from the black terminal. If the battery is faulty, it can use the dim highlight and backfire.

  • Never connect the black wire with the black terminal of your battery. It may result in an explosion.
  • It is essential to test the battery after placing it for 1 hour. Take the reading after some time because when you quickly begin taking reading after you drive, then it is likely to the battery gives higher reading than the actual.
  • It is suggested to give rest to your battery for the whole night and then test it. For testing the battery, make your that you have an approach to the terminal of the battery.
  • The batteries are mostly placed on the side of an engine. When the battery is exposed, ensure that no metal is in touch with the terminal of the battery because it may result in electrical shorts.

Testing the Car Battery

  • For checking the battery, attach the red probe with the red terminal of the battery and the black probe with the black terminal of the battery. The battery, reading 12V, is 50% recharged, and it is considered discharged under the 12V.
  • The modern computer has to bear the parasitic loss, which means that the engine gets turned off when the electrical drainage starts from the battery. If you observe that it is harming your device, you should disconnect the battery or completely replace it.
  • When the battery is giving a reading below the 12V, you should make a disconnection and then recharge the battery with the usage of a battery charger. The alternator is being used for producing electricity and giving power to the battery.
  • It also takes over when you are driving and provides power to the car’s electrical system. Many full batteries consist of full voltage .when you are sure that you can use a multimeter now, the start getting reading because when you use it without giving rest to the battery, it gives an accurate reading.

Checking Dead Cell in the Battery

The battery is usually not undergoing fault, but some of the cells become dead. When the engine slows down while turning over, it is the most obvious sign of a dead cell in the battery.

The newer batteries are maintenance-free, but the older ones provide access to the individual cell, which contains a cap and sometimes two caps. This cell contains liquid and acid. So make sure that you do not get any acid on your skin.

Signs of the Bad Battery

  • The battery lights turn on.
  • The battery terminals are worn away.
  • The battery is sticking out.
  • The physical heat or broken terminal of the battery.
  • The battery is not carrying the charge.
  • The light turns on, but the car bot starts.
  • Some of the portions of a car do not work.
  • The car gets on, but the engine is not working.
  • The engines are not fast in working.


Damage to the battery leads to many severe problems, so it is suggested to test your car battery with the help of a multimeter. The multimeter tests the voltage and current generated by the cell, which helps identify the problem or replace it. Batteries are rated with voltage. Also, give access to the battery after examining the metal linkage with the battery.

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