Why use motor shield Arduino

Why Use Motor Shield Arduino.  The Arduino motor shield help in allowing you to control the motor direction and for speeding the Arduino. It helps you in allowing the address of the Arduino pins. It helps in quickly incorporating the motor with your project. It also enables the power of the engine with the help of a separate power supply. The Arduino’s motor shield helps drive the stepper and relays the solenoids.

The Arduino shield motor is the whole bridge drive is designed in such a way to help in moving the inductive loads like the relays. When most of the engine gets connected with the Arduino output, there is less chance that the motor will get hot. The shield transfer all of the signals through the stack.

Why Use Motor Shield Arduino

The motor shiels are the circuit board with the connections available on it that are to the Arduino board and consist of the motor driver chip on it which drives the motor. The shield is easy to use since you connect the security with the Arduino and to the motor’s cables.

But it lacks the flexibility of the raw chip you use to wire up correctly according to the project’s requirements. The motor shield Arduino helps control the motor’s speed and direction.

As it helps control the speed of the engine is also helpful in preventing the speed of the Arduino. It is most beneficial in driving the DC and the stepper motor.  it is one of the best ways for controlling the DC.

By allowing you to address the pins of the Arduino, it makes it very easy to operate the motor in your project. It also enables us to give the power to the Arduino with the help of the separate external power supply of 12V.it is one of the best ways of controlling the DC.

The single module can control almost 2 to 3 motors, and the multiple shield stacks on the top of the same Arduino can help if it requires more motors.

Using the Arduino Motor Shield

The Arduino motor shield is the expansion board for the Arduino UNO, the mega microcontroller, the DC, and the stepper motor controller. Driving the DC motor needs a lot of wiring when you are using the IC supply with it. In the case of the embedded applications like the willy report, you must drive the many motors in parallel.

So the shiels are available for this case, so it helps assemble. The solid engine is placed directly on the  Arduino cards because of the compatibility of the motor shiels with the Arduino UNO and mega. The power supply which is supplied gets attached to the terminal block.

The pins of the Arduino are connected with the pins of the staples of the integrated circuit. When the shields are used, the connections are already defined. You should be careful and check the component when you start using them. For interacting with the shield motor, we don’t require any particular library because it is attached to the pins of the Arduino directly.

  •   Application

The motor shield Arduino is mainly used in piloting the two-wheeled reboot like the willy. The motor shield has features like measuring the current and driving the simple stepper motor.

  •   Requirements for the Power Supply

The motor attached to the motor shield requires an ample power supply. With the usage of the USB, the current supplied to the engine can be limit500mA to 1 mA. Most motors started drawing more recently than the present, provided through the Ush supply. It would help if you used the external power supply to prevent possible damage to the USB port.

  •   Setup

If you want to use the shield, you have to initialize the pins that have to be used within the security. The setup code is placed chiefly in the setup function. when you want to utilize all the functionality of the shell, you have to initialize all the pins as output pins

  •   Control the Direction

For controlling the direction, we use pin 12 and pin 13; if you want to bring the motor forward, you have to take it too high. These pins can drive too low to take the engine in reverse. The change in the direction can also cause some effects as it can damage the gearbox when going from forward to reverse quickly. Through the electrical aspects, it can cause a large current and also raises the voltage spikes.

  •     Braking

The motor driver on the Arduino can apply the break to the engine. The brake works when short both terminals of the motor together.


The Arduino’s motor shield helps control the many loads the standard Arduino pins cannot hold. The Arduino shield motor can determine the amount of the current being drawn. This current sensing is reliable for reports like traction controlling and checking if the robot is pushing the object.

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